Harriniva Holiday Center

Harrinivantie 35
99300 MUONIO
+358 (0)400 155 100
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Hotel Harriniva

Aurora Wellness
The philosophy is created around the Circle of Complete Well-being. It takes into consideration both the internal and external issues bringing together the four key elements of our Wellness thinking: Pure Nature, Balanced Diet, Traditional Treatments and Outdoor Activities.

Jeris Spa

Jerisjärventie 91
+358 (0)400 177 600
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Jeris Spa
Open daily 13–21
Smoke sauna Mon, Wed, Fri 15–21
from 29.11.2018

Arctic Spa brings into a complete relaxation with the lake view, hot pools and traditional smoke sauna. Lie down in one of the two heated pools and rest your eyes in the view over Jerisjärvi lake or in the winter over the snowcovered lake, forrest and fells.
You can warm up in an electrically heated sauna or test the real Lappish wood heated smoke sauna. For the really adventurous ones, there is a 25-metre illuminated ice pool, which is kept open throughout the winter.

Kamomilla Treatments

Airi Koljonen
+358 (0) 400 949 377
Lahenrannantie 38
99300 Muonio
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Classic massage
Herb and peat massage
Hot Stone Massage