Fishing on the long rivers and numerous lakes of Fell Lapland is almost a passion for many anglers. In a small area you can find fell brooks, streams, long rivers and hundreds of lakes. You just have to visit Lapland year after year to get your next new catch. Permits for fishing, hunting and traversing the terrain with a vehicle (Metsähallitus). The most common lake fish are traditionally whitefish, lake trout, pike, vendace, perch, and burbot. The rivers can also give you wild salmon, sea trout and grayling.Assistance in purchasing the appropriate permits and fishing cards available from

Fishing spots are well presented on the Wild North website.

Tornionjoki River – Muonionjoki River

Enquire about fishing permits for lakes from the accommodation provider.

More information of our fishing guides and guided fishing trips you can find on our Finnish page.


Hunting has become a popular pastime where the catch is no longer vital to guarantee the sufficiency of food for the winter. Fell Lapland offers hunting in varying and breathtaking landscapes not found elsewhere.Fell Lapland has expansive hunting grounds on Metsähallitus land. Hunting permits are sold on the Wild North website. Wild North also arranges guided hunting trips.Remember to check hunting times. (fin)