The best time for bird watching enthusiasts to come to Lapland is early summer. This is a time when the birds are most active while tourists and mosquitoes at their most passive. Fell Lapland is where you can see the northernmost distribution of a number of bird species. The most common birds in the region are the bog lark, willow warbler, Siberian tit, Siberian jay and the northern wheatear. The region is also home to a number of birds of prey: for instance, very rare in Finland and the most noble of the predatory birds, the gyrfalcon. Lapland is also home to the largest populations of Finland’s eagles. Another special species seen in the region is the grey wagtail. The provincial bird of Lapland is the bluethroat.

The best place to watch birds in the Fell Lapland district are the Yrjö Kokko birdwatching tower in Enontekiö, Piippovuoma birdwatching tower and Sotkajärvi birdwatching tower, the Hetta-Pallas hiking trail, and the Pallas-Ylläs hiking trail.

The locations of the birdwatching towers are shown online.