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Fell Lapland (Tunturi-Lappi)


Time to dream. Travel later.

Travel to Finland is suspended until further notice. This is the time to focus on the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us, especially the elderly and those in weak health. A time to travel will come later. We wish that soon in the future you can come to Muonio, Finland to experience our pure air, happiness and unique experiences. Until then, keep safe and take care.

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Fell Lapland is an area in West Lapland with a cluster of fells including Pallas, Olos, Ylläs and Levi. Of the municipalities in the area, Muonio is located in the ‘lower arm’ of Finland, Enontekiö in the ‘arm of Finland’, while the municipalities of Kittilä and Kolari are further south. What makes Fell Lapland different is the indigenous Sámi culture that still thrives in the district and having verifiably Europe’s cleanest nature.

One of Finland’s most popular marked hiking trails travels along the Pallas-Ounas fell range. The highest point on the route, Taivaskero, was the venue for the symbolic lighting of the Olympic flame for the Helsinki Olympics back in 1952. There are trails covering hundreds of kilometres in the region, lakes and rivers for fishing enthusiasts, snowmobile routes, fell highlands for hikers, and Finland’s oldest National Park.

The Fell Lapland website focuses on presenting the nature, culture and people of the holiday district. The website also includes most of the region’s accommodation establishments, activity possibilities and all the other services needed for a successful holiday. If you are after a holiday that offers more than just city sightseeing and night clubs, you are in the right place. Fell Lapland welcomes you to experience the land of mystique.